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resources for writing lessons, spelling lesson plans and printable phonics materials for classes

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Read and write worksheets: You can select a picture and write up to three words. You can write one or two words that match the picture.  The students circle the correct word(s) and then practice writing the words on the lines to the left.  Or, the students can try to use the correct words to write a sentence about the picture. 

spelling worksheets

all vocabulary

short vowels

consonant digraphs

long vowels with silent e

vowel digraphs

These are also great for

preschool, kindergarten and other elementary school teachers to use as phonics resources and reading builders



spelling test maker

 is a worksheet wizard that allows you to

create reading worksheets or small reading quizzes on phonics themes with pictures


Once your game board has been generated, go into the 'file' menu at the top left of the browser and choose print.

These should print fine if you are printing on A4 paper or Letter.  However, if the game is printing on two pages, go to 'file' and select 'page properties.'  You'll see an option for margins.  Reduce the top and bottom margins and then close that window.  Now you are ready to print.

These worksheet makers come courtesy of Tools for Educators - at Tools for find these worksheet generators and many more with 1000s of images to choose from.

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