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alphabet games - upper and lower case practice (new)

initial sounds games

mid vowel and 3 letter word games

consonant digraphs - ch, sh, th, ck, ng, wh, qu

Free initial sounds games and activities: short vowels and hard consonant practice exercises. There are currently three games:

- a memory game: matching a letter with an image ( c and cat)
- collect the stars: students type the first letter and check
- shoot out: students look at an image and decide the initial letter
And a quiz - students look at 6 images and decide if they start with that letter or not. Then they check their answers.

These match the Fun Fonix Intro Book.


Three letter word phonics games: These focus on cvc words and short vowels. There are three games and the main focus is spelling and beginning reading short words. Students will practice reading and word recognition via images depicting the vocabulary.

- a memory game: matching a word with an image.
- collect the stars: students type the word using the talking keyboard!
- shoot out: students read a word and shoot the right image
And a quiz - students select the mid vowel and then check their answers

These match the Fun Fonix Book 1.


More games and more phonics categories to come! Please check back.

This is a section here for students to practice phonics on-line, using matching phonics games, alphabet games, letter recognition and talking phonics programs from Fun Fonix.

For more online MES Games: MES Games! You will find a few of the same games that are on here, but much more. There are 40+ categories with spelling activities and more.


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