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: You will find the Fun Fonix series but much more than that on this site. There are 10+ worksheet makers and printable game templates you can use to make custom worksheets, and an additional section of free online phonics games for students.

Fun Fonix is a phonics warehouse of resources and materials that are designed to move quickly through phonics rules. These are ideal for teachers with limited time for phonics instruction or for teachers or parents who need additional materials for learning and practice.

The Fun Fonix Workbooks: Below is a quick list of each workbook, but for more information about the series, please see the Fun Fonix Workbooks page.

Fun Fonix ABC: letter introduction and alphabet worksheets
- letter tracing activity, vocabulary and lettter association, uppercase and lowercase recognition, writing skills builder

Fun Fonix Intro: hard consonants and short vowels worksheets
- letter writing practice activity, phonics rule practice, fun exercises for solidification, final review section with a few additioanl activities per letter

Fun Fonix Book 1: midvowel vowels, cvc worksheets
- sound recognition activities, phonics rule practice section, build a word exercises, mid and final review sections and more

Fun Fonix Book 2: consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, ng, qu, wh
- sound recognition activities, vocabulary building exercises, tracing and reading pages,a writing section and more with each unit.

Fun Fonix Book 3: long vowels with silent e worksheets
- sound recognition activities, trace and read activities, a game with each unit, reading comprehension exercises, a writing practice section and more

Fun Fonix Book 4: vowel digraph and diphthong worksheets
- long vowel vs. short vowel sound recognition activity, short reading quiz, writing exercises, reading comprehension passages and more with each unit

Make your own custom phonics worksheets! The phonics worksheet generators are 100% customizable and you can choose from hundreds of images from the phonics series to make the perfect worksheet for your students. The templates can be used in many different ways. Check each worksheet's main page for details.

There are also some phonics game templates you can use to make supplemental activites and exercises for your students

phonics clipart You can make your own practice sheets using the Fun Fonix clipart for worksheets. Check out the clipart page to view the available images. There are 400+ images posted from the Fun Fonix e-book series.

These are not royalty free clipart but you may use them for private, personal-use projects. They are copyrighted images and anything you make with them remains the property of MES and cannot be shared with anyone other than your students, through any medium. If you have any questions about use, I'm always avaialble. Please send me a message (contact details below.)

Online Phonics Games Free online phonics games for students: These are Flash animation games with sound. Students can use these games to practice and review materials from the Fun Fonix Books: ABC, Intro, Book 1 and Book 2. There are different activities for each section: ABC practice, sound recognition, reading exercises, spelling activities and more!

These games are the 'light' version of MES Games. If you like these games, I have made a more comprehensive online learning app that you may find useful: MES Games which has spelling activities and additional vocabulary and grammar exercises.

These are free resources to print and you may provide them to your students for free. I made these available for individual teachers to use as private use in their classes of for parents to use with their children. Institutions or persons requiring more than 50 copies per year of any book or part there of must pay a one time licensing fee of $49.99 per teacher and per location. The license is non-transferable. That will also allow you to charge up to $10 per year to each student as a resources fee. You will receive PDF copies of the books to be downloaded with a price of $10 written on the cover. For more details please contact MES.

Happy teaching,
Mark Cox (Fun Fonix author, artist, webmaster, and admin)

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- Tools for Educators - Phonics: more phonics worksheet and phonics game makers

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You are free to use any resource from this site as an end user and MES grants you a free End User License. All resources are the property of Fun Fonix and anything made with Fun Fonix clipart remains the property of Fun Fonix. You may not save, redistribute, copy, modify, transfer, transmit, repackage, charge for or sell any of the materials from this site. Fun Fonix reserves the right to terminate or make changes to this agreement for any reason and without notice.

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